Sunday, March 20, 2011

Squid In the Outgoing Connection Load Balancing

Squid is a proxy and cache content that is often required by our course with a variety of reasons among them to speed up delivery of frequently accessed web client.

Outgoing while load balancing is not optimize the bandwidth available in 2 pieces or more internet connection point and divide evenly cumulative burden on a network.

installation procedure I've ever discussed here His basic idea is that although outgoing load balancing method, is expected to use Squid and traffic that is in use balanced (balance) between connection 1 and connection 2.

if you use the default configuration squid, of course what is expected of you will not be achieved because tcp_outgoing a squid only 1 and can not automatically vary his tcp_outgoing.

olehkarena that you must force the connection through a transparent proxy client by defining a client will pass the point where.

For example:

src acl modem1

src acl modem2 tcp_outgoing_address modem1 tcp_outgoing_address modem2

on his principles of his idea is as above, for his selebih berexperimen please your own.

Thus Squid proxy on outgoing load balancing connection hopefully useful.