Friday, March 18, 2011

Forget Password Root FreeBSD

Have you ever forgotten the root password? I've been there. Factors causing forgot password often because too many servers that handled, too many passwords are in use, is too complicated and is not a password that we usually remember. In other cases, I've reset the root password to install FreeBSD is due to the others and I have to install something in it. Let us try to practice how to reset the root password on freebsd.

First, restart your computer and when the boot process begins then his view is as follows:

Hit [Enter] to boot Immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
Booting [kernel] in 10 seconds ...

then Press the spacebar, and will appear on the monitor

Type '? " for a list of commands, or 'help' for more detailed help.

boot-s and press the ENTER key to get into single user mode.

After booting the system will look like this on your monitor:

Enter the full pathname of shell or RETURN for / bin / sh

Tomnbol Press ENTER and we will go to # shell

can enter without a password is not it?

but need to remember you can not do anything in this shell #

due to a mounted file system is read only.

how so that we can access the file system as usual and can change the password?

way is to mount the filesystem as a whole, which needs to be done is

# Mount -t ufs -a

nah after that then we can reset the root password tesebut.

# Passwd

New password: sayaorangganteng

Retype new password: sayaorangganteng

passwd: updating the database ...
passwd: done

after that be sure to restart to go into multiuser mode as usual

# Reboot

well now try your new password

freebsd login: root

password: sayaorangganteng


congratulations you do not need to reinstall gara gara forgot root password